other than the fact that my boyfriend and i are still going strong which is so far the only good thing about 2014, this year can really just suck my dick and it’s only 2 months in.

2 weeks into january i lost my grandma 3 days before my birthday

now 2 weeks into february i might lose my other grandma 


what do people do with boyfriends??? do you have to take them for walks?? or water them?? what if they die

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Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop.

The NYC Train Version.

You’re Welcome.

also my friends say that we look like cousins and i’m just like fuck off yo


  1. i didn’t think i’d enjoy or even let someone share my bed but it’s so nice to wake up to being cuddled 
  2. and morning kisses
  3. i didn’t think i could ever be caring or nurturing for someone i guess but he got sick last night and i was so considerate like i made him dinner and i wrapped him up in like 4  different blankets because he was really cold 
  4. and it’s still a bit ridiculous to me that he feels the same way about me as i do with him